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Small tits have turned me on for about 20 years now. When I started to love sexy tiny tits or young teen girls with flat tits is almost a mystery to me. I always liked larger tits before that but now I like them nude and flat, small or tiny.

If you read many of these stories I've written you know many things and know that my first true love had very small tits. Her fresh young tits didn't do much for me at the time but her tiny tits would now. Teens with very small tits are what really turn me on now.

There was a young teen girl with small tits who used to hang around our house a lot. Her tiny young tits started to turn me on a lot and I really wanted to fuck her tight barely legal pussy. Thats what happens when teens in bikinis parade around in front of me. She really did have some nice hot young teens small tits and very lovely breasts for such a petite little teens girl.

She spent at least one night a week at our house so I got to see her barely nude teens sexy and erotic nude teens body and small tits through her very hot lingerie. I always looked forward to the nights she would be there because she was not shy with her small tits and ass and almost always wore really short teenie tiny shorts that left her sweet teens ass cheeks hanging out. If I'd been a webmaster back then I'd have tried to get exclusive pics of her teenage body and all it's prime attributes like her nude young teens sexy and erotic puffy tits for me and you to look at for years to come. However I didn't do that but if I had put up a free picture of tiny tits of hers it would have been great.

She was one of the hotter a cup cuties to hang around the house. There were other hot naked teens there but they all had way more than small nude teens breasts. Bonnie used to rub up against me all the time, sit on my lap when she could and in general drive me crazy wanting to touch her small tiny tits. Most of the horny girls at the house did the same thing but when she would rub those small teen boobs on me she turned me on more than any of the other girls did. Her tiny tits were just so firm and warm. Her young teens nipples stuck out about a quarter of an inch and she almost always wore white t-shirts or close to see thru blouses that were quite thin.

There was a young blonde and a very petite little teen who just happened to be a very sexy redhead. I always had visions of those two in some hot lesbian teenage sex and can imagine them to this day doing some free lesbian porn or even better yet some free xxx porn hot and sexy nude lesbian porn pics. I know I just love teen lesbians with tiny tits now and if they are barely legal teens lesbians thats even better.

Lol, I never got to see that, never got to do anything at all with Bonnie except for her hugging all of the time. I can still remember how her nude teens small tits felt tho and how much I love the feel of nude tiny, soft tits now. Maybe she reminded me of my first girlfriend, I don't know but it was after being around Bonnie that I started going out with more teens girls with little tits. BTW, I like them so much my previous teen girlfriend was 19 with soft tits and the latest young girl I get nude with just turned 20 and she has some really lovely breasts. Someday I'll tell you how someone as old as I am can get all these young teens chicks.

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